Kara Del Toro

Women admire the apparent ease with which she has handled a demanding career and motherhood. It seems that whatever the mesmeric babe sets her mind on, she scores big time. The ironic twist for Kara Del Toro is that her real-life husband, Mark Smithe, with whom she tied the knot in 1996 and has two young children, plays none other than the handsome Buster on GGMC. Her lack of sophistication, despite a privileged upbringing, when amplified by infantile antics, could be a real turnoff for many.

We've had some fun with her credits, but she has extensive experience. Nevertheless, a breezy attitude, a pretty face, and a juicy bankroll are enough for some men. Kara Del Toro is a fine, fine looking woman. She cares so much about how she looks, she has had six boob jobs to perfect them.

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But the world has bemoaned the rarity of her film work, in which she has shown considerable gifts. She continued performing in British theater for the next few years, and added some more forgettable films to her resume. Or perhaps she is simply a late bloomer? She has a rather unique face, with delicate porcelain doll features and stunning eyes.

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